Introducing Tap Band

100+ Commands on your wrist!

"Mixed realities suck without this..."

Charly Fink

VR / AR / XR / Metaverse - we got you covered

Whatever platform you use, Tap Band lets you command it with ease.

Type on anything

Use any surface for tactile feedback, even soft materials such as beds and pillows are welcome!
The Tap Band

Occlusion-free fast input

Rapidly input at up to 70 WPM with a single hand.

Command with easy gestures

Navigate without having to hold your hands in the line of sight

Make it your own

Easily create and install new layouts, simplify your work and game flows

One band to command them All

Unlocking the freedom to explore, build, tinker and create


A controller for all realities

PC, Smartphones, Tablets, Projectors, VR, AR & XR


Customizable Keybinds

Remap any finger combination into your favorite shortcuts, triggers, key-binds and commands

Tap Layouts

Browse through thousands of Languages, Utility, Production & Gaming TapMaps or make your own!

Operating Systems

Tap Band is fully compatible with all major operating systems including iOS, MacOS, Android, Linux & Windows

Hours of Battery Life

Get a full day of input on a single charge.

"Once you start tapping you realize this is how we were meant to type."

- Dovid Schick
CEO, Tap Systems, Inc

Learning to Tap is easier and faster than learning to type on a conventional keyboard.
Tappers have demonstrated typing at over 70WPM with a single hand - double the pace of the national 2 handed typing average!

Pairs with Any Bluetooth Device

  • Smartphone

  • Tablet

  • PC

  • Smart TV

  • Projectors

  • VR

  • AR

  • Playstation & Xbox


    Frequently Asked Questions

    The excitement around Tap Band is huge, here are some common questions we get
    1How Does The Tap Band Know What Commands I am Doing?
    The Tap Band uses a combination of motion and visual sensors and AI to accurately detect finger taps. You can learn more about how the Tap Band works here: (link to how it works page)
    2Does the Tap Band Store Any of My Tapping or Personal Data?
    No. We don’t record or store any of your behavior or typing. The visual sensors within the Tap Band also do not store any data.
    3Will the Tap Band work with my Quest/Quest 2/Etc?
    The Tap Band will work with any VR/AR/XR headset that supports bluetooth 4.0+ pairing, this includes the Meta Quest, Hololens, Vive and many more. If you are unsure, please check your device manual for Bluetooth information.
    4If I order now - when will I get my unit?
    Production for the Tap Band is happening now. We expect to ship the first units in Q1 of 2023 or sooner!
    5Can I buy Tap on Amazon?
    Tap Band is only available to pre order at the moment. Tap Strap (the finger wearable) is available to purchase on Amazon.